DRC miners lament $50 monthly returns from mining

Some miners in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) now live in fear of been slaves to the western world just like their forebears.
Congolese miners have expressed fear for the future of their children as what they get from mining can barely sustain them and their families.
They claim only $50 is what they get in a month for mining coltan under unfavourable conditions.
According to them nothing has changed since gaining freedom from the Europeans and are now in control of their country but not the global price of coltan which is in abundance in Congo.
These miners in a documentary monitored on Liberty TV through France 24 on Thursday stressed that the world relies on Congo mineral resources but yet live miserable lives without been able to get befitting amenities.
They said, “no matter how we work, the reward is still the same. They tell you the price (of coltan) has fallen. Who determines the price of the minerals even?” they queried.
“I don’t have an idea what goes on in London (where they believe the coltan is sold too). I try to live my normal live but inside me I feel I’m dead,” one of the Miners laments their predicament.
“The white and the world have benefited from our minerals. The world will collapse without Congo minerals,” they said.

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