Don’t relocate Lassa Technical College

Rumours have been making the rounds of plans to relocate Technical College Lassa in Borno state allegedly as the result of insurgency in the North East. The rumour is apparently being orchestrated by some mischief makers who don’t see anything good in Borno state recovering from the over one decade destruction by the Boko Haram and the Islamic State West African Province. If there is anything Borno state needs at the moment, it is peace and support for the government of Professor Babagana Zulum.

Our people have really suffered, hence the appeal of our people against any form of disruption. We want to categorically state that if there is any form of insecurity in Lassa, where the technical school is located, it is not more than those in other parts of the North East. As a matter of fact, Lassa is comparably one of the safest parts of the North East despite occasional attacks by displaced insurgents.

    It should also be noted that the Technical College, Lassa is the only institution of higher learning in the whole of the Margi area in Borno state. Lassa, for those who care to know, is the center of western education that has produced several professors, Army Generals, security chiefs and educators of various cadre. These were the very reasons that informed the citing of the technical school in the town.

Many people have argued that if there is fairness by successive governments, Lassa deserves the citing of an Advanced Teachers College. It is not surprising that even education authorities in the state have in recent years argued that Lassa is the most deserving and suitable place for a higher education institution in the state.

Those orchestrating the rumours of relocating Lassa Technical College are therefore mere enemies of progress bent on sabotaging Governor Babagana Zulum’s efforts to bring good governance to the people and ensure even spread of development in a state ravaged by insurgency.

The rumour of a plan to relocate Lassa Technical College is not only an act of sabotage but an act of distraction in a state that has enjoyed relative calm despite the insecurity foisted on the peace loving people of the State.

We urge the hardworking governor of Borno state, Prof. Babagana Zulum, to stand resolute against the machination of mischief makers. The governor should rest assured that the people of Lassa and Askira Uba will always stand by him and President Buhari at all times.

A. A. Gadzama, OFR, mni,

Chairman, Governing Board,

National Institue for Security Studies, Abuja


Chairman Governing Board National Institute for Security Studies. Writes in from Abuja.