Don’t ignore US, UK terror alert, CAN cautions FG

Amidst terror alert by the government of the United Kingdom and United States of America, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said that the terror alert will be helpful if the country can study and work on it.
CAN Executive Secretary Reverend Yakubu Pam stated this while addressing journalists and CAN members in Gombe State.
He said though the association might not be privileged to such a high profile security report as President Muhammadu Buhari but as a concerned citizen, CAN is also worried by the warning from the U S government.
“I am not a security expert, my job is to ensure peaceful coexistence however you can not do this without listening to security experts and intelligence of different communities in the world. Whatever they have said is subject for consideration by the Nigerian Government and they should make sure that they take certain actions on what they have said,” he said.
Yakubu admitted that the country is in a most challenging time as the 2023 general election approaches and urged Christians to be more security conscious and pray for the nation.
He said this is because the general election period always poses security challenges for the nation and her people.
“Yes we are in a most challenging time in our country. We always know that anytime we are close to any general election, there is going to be a lot of insecurity issues that will come up so we always sensitize our people not only to be security conscious but also pray on it because most of these things are caused by the evil ones.
“We also speak to the government to get the youths engaged meaningfully because most of the jobless youths out there are up for grabs by people who will engage them because of the poverty that is ravaging the country. A lot of people are looking for who will give them what to eat. 
“Government should do everything to increase the level of employment and ensure that the private sector also engages in community social responsibilities. Regardless of how much people will be paid, I think when people are engaged, it is very important for security,” he said.
He said CAN as a body is encouraging Gombe State as one of the most peaceful States in the North East to continue to maintain peaceful coexistence among it’s people.
He advised the State Government to create the atmosphere for dialogue and ideas that will move the government forward.

UNI Agric Markurdi
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