Don’t hike food prices during Ramadan, Etsu Nupe appeals to traders

Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, the Etsu Nupe, has appealed to traders in the country not to hike prices of foodstuffs and other commodities, as the Ramadan fast approaches.

Alhaji Abubakar, who is the chairman, Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers, made the call while speaking with the newsmen in his palace in Bida, Niger state at the weekend.

He admonished Nigerians on the need to be their brother’s keeper in line with the teachings of the Holy Prophet of Islam and other Islamic injunctions

According to Etsu Nupe, the traders should fear God and conduct their businesses in consonance with Islamic injunctions and the need to assist their neighbours.

Etsu Nupe explained that marketers should empathise with the common man and reduce the cost of their goods, especially food items, to enable people them.

Alhaji Abubakar stated that as the holy month of Ramadan draws nearer, traders should feel the pains of the ordinary people and reduce costs of food items, so that they would receive Allah’s blessings in their businesses.

“Those who may be thinking of hiking the prices of their goods during Ramadan should know full well its consequences before Almighty Allah on the day of judgment.”

Alhaji Abubakar lamented that it was worrisome how traders deliberately increased prices of their goods such as grains, fruit, beverages, and condiments during Ramadan when the reverse should be the case.

He said, “this sacred period is a time to seek God’s face through fasting and good deeds”.

The royal father also appealed to wealthy individuals, corporate organisations and groups to come to the aid of the less privileged as acts of charity are greatly encouraged during the holy month.

According to him, wealthy Nigerians should strive to always assist the less privileged in society by providing them with food items and cash to ease hardship.

“People should use their God-given wealth to assist the poor and the widows; this will go a long way to alleviate their sufferings”, he said.