Don’t derail your faith in moments of trials, Maisuna tasks Muslim faithful

A Muslim cleric and founder Al-Mustoffiyyah Society of Nigeria, Dr Maisuna M. Yahaya, has called on Islamic adherents not to abandon their faith in the face of tribulation.

He also said irrespective of  one’s  level of piety and dedication to the cause of  Islam,  Allah (SWT) must  always test His servants with some challenges as done to Prophet Muhammad and other prophets before him.

“It is a clear statement of Allah to try every Muslim or Mu’meen. That, indeed, will actually, figure  out those who sincerely believe in Him. Every human being is born to taste trial, difficulty and must pass through hard times before death overtakes,” he said.

The cleric gave the admonition Saturday  at the first Ramadan Lecture organised by the Kubwa branch of  Ilorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union (IEDPU) in Kubwa, Abuja.

Speaking on the theme: ‘Steadfastness in Islam’, Dr. Yahaya, defined Salaam as meaning “to step down, to accept, to surrender, to obey willingly, peacefully to dictates of Allah.”

“On the other hand, steadfastness connotes persevering, enduring and standing firmly in the path of Allah without wavering or dancing  to the temptations  and distractions that may have emanated from delusion of this world, be it money, status, position, wealth, women , political imbroglio etc; but rather, one should be dutiful, determined, committed, devoted, dedicated, unflinching and uncompromising  in the test of time as Allah must test His believers,” he said.

While reeling out a list of prophets who were tested by Allah, he said Prophet Ibrahim and his wife, Hajara,  waited for decades  supplicating to Him before He blessed them with a baby boy by name Isma’il, just as Prophet Ayub was afflicted with “protracted adversity” which, though  defied medical solution, but was later healed.

He lamented that in today’s world, many Muslims, in their  search for male children would not appreciate the female ones they were blessed with, but “instead, change their religion as they jumped from one church to the other, so, they slip into consulting oracles at shrines of the pagans!

“Family intricacy was what almost overwhelmed Prophet Yusuf(AS). Was he not thrown into a well simply because he was a beloved son to his father, Ya’aqub(AS). Prophet Musa (AS) became deranged in the hands of Fir’aon, as he was almost killed. Were it not for  Allah’s intervention, as Fir’aon’s wife’s timely rescue mission became very helpful, a different story would have rented the air. Intervention.”

Continuing, the Islamic scholar recalled that Prophet Yunus’ adherents disobeyed his order to them  despite his own steadfastness, and that “Prophet Nuhu’s child was his own trial, he remained recalcitrant  despite his father’s reproach to join him in disseminating the message of monotheism.

“Despite his leadership position, his child was his opposite. Trial did not make him to derail, rather his steadfastness became stronger.”

“Did you complain of your wife’s negative attitudinal behaviour! What a life did Prophet Luut’s wife live? She turned to an informant to sodomists  and fully supported their sodoism against Allah’s command  and her husband’s evangelism.

“Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H), had very devastating trials and hard times. He was an orphan, some of his family members faced him with persecution, personal hatred, his uncle wo taking care of him died as well; his mother demised while he was at a tender age, the Kuffar traumatized, stigmatized, terrorized and persecuted him for no genuine reasons; yet he remained unflinchingly   determined, with strong steadfastness in the fold of Islam,” he added.