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Don on staff-students relationships

The Head of Department of Sociology, University of Abuja, Professor Suleiman Mohammed, presented a paper in a retreat held by the Faculty of Social Sciences at Jeparo Hotel, Gwagwalada, Abuja.

The university don observed that staff-students relationship takes three forms namely; professional, hostile and opportunistic. Hostile and opportunistic relations tend to undermine the university system. It creates several vices that have contributed to the crises of the university system.

Staff and students could collude to determine and sabotage the system for some selfish interest. The professional relationship on the hand is anchored on attainment of the objective of the university and respect for its culture and tradition. This relationship requires lecturers to be prompt to lectures, marking and returning continuous assessment, invigilation of exams, prompt marking of examination among other academic activities.

In order to foster professional staff-students’ relations, the following recommendations are offered:

Frank conversation on University culture, tradition and principles by staff and management

Enlightenment and education of new staff  on university culture and principle thorough an induction programme

Publication of different categories of unethical conduct and the empowerment of students to make complaints

Implementation of students-friendly activities/programmes such as sport, excursion, etc.

Prompt disposal of examination and malpractices cases

Sanction for academics who infringe on University regulations

Faculty management in conjunction with Department should be proactive in detecting staff involved in sharp practices in order to advice him/her before any official complaints are made.

Prompt response to students requests and needs by staff and management

Prompt disciplinary action to erring students based on university regulations.

Prompt release of results and issuance of same.

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