Disengagements by Kaduna govt worrisome, challenging – NLC


The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Kaduna state council, has described as worrisome the spate of challenges facing workers in the state, especially the disengagement of workers embarked upon by Governor Nasir el-Rufai.
Chairman NLC, Kaduna state council, Comrade Ayuba Magaji Suleiman, said  the disengagement seeped through the state and local government sectors, while other sectors are being threatened, noting that the state is also facing untold hardship from insecurity particularly banditry and kidnapping and after effects of Covid-19 pandemic. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the NLC Kaduna state council Pre May Day Symposium 2021 with the theme; ‘Covid-19 Pandemic, Social and Economic Crises: Challenges for Decent Jobs, Social Protection and Peoples Welfare’, Comrade Suleiman said, “as a council we are facing serious challenges including the ongoing disengagement of workers in the state and local governments. 

“We have over 4,000 state workers disengaged. In the local government over 1,700 were disengaged, primary healthcare over 1,700 were disengaged, SUBEB good number of members were disengaged. At the state level, over 27 workers of KSMC (Kaduna State Media Corporation) were disengaged and more heads are going to roll.

“But that would not stop us from identifying ourselves as leaders of Kaduna state. The socio economic index in Nigeria showed that there is 33% official unemployment, 50% open unemployment, inflation rate in the country 18%. Nigeria has become poverty capital of the world with over 75%. 

“We are also facing insecurity, kidnapping, banditry, we are also facing an emergency with the advent of Covid-19. With all these, its saddening and challenging for the state to send 4,000 of its workforce packing. Its our duty to ensure that jobs are being retained.

“All the international and national labour laws were violated by Kaduna state government in termination of employment Section 58 of International Labour Law; Sections 11 and 20 of NLC. Kaduna state government is sacking workers without employing more.

“As leaders, we are not going to be weakened, deterred, or discouraged, the last NLC virtual NEC meeting resolved that the state council will embark on 5-day strike from public to private sectors. Then the second phase, all workers in the country both public and private sectors will embark on a five-day strike. Then a legal case will be instituted once the courts are open.”

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