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Dilemma of the Nigerian youth

It has been proven that the youths are future leaders, but the assertion seems to be ironical in the palace of reality. The triumph of any nation resides in the success of its youths, for youths are seen as the major force in transforming a country’s face for better.

Our noble Professor Wole Soyinka had a long time ago said that “the Nigerian youth is dead at birth”. Critically looking at the statement, the gentleman is absolutely correct, for the reason that here in Nigeria the youths are seen and been used as violent instrument of political balkanization, political thugs, instrument of sensational propaganda and the likes, to achieve their selfish aims, while their future will be conquered by things like; drug abuse, terrorism among others.

It is indeed a tragedy seeing our youths who were expected to maintain peace in the society are found breaching the public peace. Numbers of ugly circumstances are being conceded not by any set of people; but the youths. You’ll rarely see a man of 80 and above engaging himself in breaching the public peace such as stealing of ballot box and terrorizing the society; they count themselves out of such activities, but makes use of the youths to get done such missions. Our youths’ voice are been loudly heard with a sympathetic ardor when it comes to the electoral season; where they pledges above heaven and earth, if at all we can put forward our total support for them to arrive at their political dream. Nonetheless their actions and reactions after we had satisfy their wants becomes unexplainable to the youths, our voices that are been previously heard with a sympathetic passion turns out to be heard fervently.

Moreover, the youths should sit back and think when actually are we going to emerge the seat of leadership which has been in preservation over years, is it after we are in short supply?, or after we are have  been driven away  by the numbers of crisis they caused in our possession?. When exactly will it be?

Notwithstanding, the ongoing crisis between the federal government of Nigeria and the Independence people of Biafra (IPOB) have claimed majority lives of the so called “future leaders” who the country should stay calm and carve-out hope for tomorrow. The youths who were involved in this movement should know that; secession of any nation from its country requires peaceful democratic procedure and not by the means of aggressive agitations, so as not to be as an act of treason. Similarly, the latter  fought civil war of 1967 which can be otherwise called “Biafra war “add no value to the status of the country, but largely reduced its strengths, devastated its lands and demolished over millions lives of the  youths.

However, the Nigerian youths had to put an end to these bloody situations by not letting the condition of “man must survive” to weigh down our conscious in peace and unity of our territory. We should hope and believe in ONE NIGERIA for realization of our dear dream to become one among the developed nation.



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