Difficult for any NPFL players to make Super Eagles now – Obuh

Former junior national team handler John Sam Obuh has ruled out the possibility of any home based playing making the Super Eagles team for now.

Obu who spoke on FCT Football Update WhatsApp platform, said though there are very good players in the NPFL that can play effectively in the Super Eagles, but such players cannot displace those already in the team.

The former Enyimba and Udoji United player said ”  It’s wrong for anybody to say that we don’t have good players in the NPFL that can fit into the Super Eagles. We have such players, but the problem is that such players cannot displace those already in the team. For them to be able to do that, they need to be groomed for some time. It is not an immediate thing”.

Obuh bemoaned the condition of coaching in Nigeria, describing it as pathetic. ” We don’t have coaching materials and equipment here. What you can always find in any team are balls, goal post, net, cones, nothing more. You can never find electronic tactical boards and other scientific technical materials for coaches. When I went for a course in Germany, I was given an electronic tactical board to demonstrate something, I could not operate it. I’m also sure that many of my colleagues at home cannot operate it also. Some may not have seen it before. These are important materials that aid the coaches in doing their job and enhancing the performance of the players. But here at home, we have experienced and intelligent coaches. What they do is to improvise every material they use in their performing their jobs”.

He advised the various team managers to provide the modern coaching materials for the coaches to aid their jobs. He finally advised the coaches to be open to new knowledge, accept criticisms, accept challenges, accept their faults and always draw a demarcation of those things that will affect their integrity.

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