Dickson wasting Bayelsa resources on violence – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa state has accused the state governor Seriake Dickson of wasting the scarce resources of the state to instigate violence and compromise elections.

APC Publicity Secretary in the state Dofie Buokoribo made the allegation at a media interaction in Yenagoa on Thursday.

Buokoribo said Dickson was in the habit of playing a victim and sponsoring fake news as a cover for his nefarious acts.

According to him: ” it is sad to say the entire media team of governor Dickson is a complete disaster, they need help.”

He advised residents of the state to be watchful and alert to guard against the governor’s dangerous antics as the state goes to the polls on Saturday to elect House of Assembly members.

He noted that until the emergence of APC, there were no serious electoral contests in the state.

“Once you had the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), you were almost certain of victory in the elections. It was in that sense that our state used to be referred to as a one-party state. That is now history,” he said.

APC said Dickson had used state resources to buy votes in past elections and was determined to do the same on Saturday, at a time when the state was having difficulty with payment of workers’ salaries.

“He is also using state funds to arm political thugs and other lawless elements across the state, especially in areas where he is unpopular and has no social base. These thugs and lawless elements are working with his terror squad, Operation Doo Akpo. The irony of it is that as he is busy engaging in this ungodly act, he will be the one shouting that our party has perfected plans to cause mayhem in the state,” Buokoribo said.

He called Dickson a “lawless governor”, saying, “Not only does he suffer from a persecution complex, but he also plays the victim card when he is actually the aggressor.”

“Governor Dickson is a disaster there is no way Dickson could have won in 2015, we didn’t lose in a free and fair election contest. PDP is hopelessly divided, PDP is dead”.

“As our people go out to vote this Saturday, we urge them to know that voting out the PDP and Governor Dickson’s anointed candidates is a task that must be done. The only way Dickson and his party can win this election is by playing outside the rules.”

The APC spokesman also lashed out at the governor for setting up a “strange Judicial Commission” on electoral violence with APC members clearly marked out targets.

He advised members of the party not to have anything to do with the panel.

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