Denmark Ambassador, UN others make case for Almajiri children

The Denmark Ambassador to Nigeria, Torben Gettermann, has expressed concern over the slow implementation of laws affecting vulnerable Almajiri children.

In a tweet to commemorate the World Children’s Day, Torben said ‘Almajiri children need our protection and help’.

Also, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Amina Mohammed, said every child has the right to life of dignity and urged everyone to protect and empower them by fighting for their rights to education, health, safety and nutrition.

She further added that the aim is to inspire policy change through evidence based advocacy, wide stakeholders’ engagement and awareness campaign as well as the community influences to force government at the executive and legislative levels to take action.

The Team lead of Almajiri Child Rights Initiative (ACRI), Mohammed Sabo Keana, expressed dismay that for too long, the society has looked the other way while permitting one of the world most worst form of Child Rights violations in recent history involving the Almajiri children who are abused, deprived, marginalised and exposed to all form of dangers.

“They lack decent shelter with no access to health care, no education and are subjected to daily street begging. Many are physically and sexually abused.

ACRI further explained that its goal is to end systematic abuse of Almajiri children through access to better healthcare, nutrition, shelter and reinvigorated educational curriculum that prepares them for a life of dignity in the 21st century.

“Our goal is to serve as pressure group to inspire policy change through a consistent and persistent evidence based advocacy, wide stakeholders engagement and awareness campaign that leverage traditional and new media,” he said.

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