Defiling the pride of womanhood

It is no longer news that sexual harassment has since become a pandemic ravaging the serenity of our campuses across the country. It is also threatening the moral fabric of our society. 
More troubling is the fact that our tertiary institutions somewhat seem to be in bondage, under the spell of a sex-for-mark epidemic.

It is pertinent to assert that no institution is immune from the onslaught of sexual misconduct. Even our religious institutions have recorded scandalous cases of clergymen and clerics defiling female worshippers and congregants. 
Yet, none compares to the tales of sexual molestation oozing from the cosmos of our universities and polytechnics.
According to a study, tertiary institutions in Nigeria lead with about 80 – 90% cases of sexual harassment. 

Why is it so? What have our lecturers turned into? It must, however, be said that most cases of sexual molestation targeted against the female students just don’t happened. 
They are orchestrated and induced by the female students, who clad themselves in indecent, amoral and obnoxious dressings. 
It is depressing to note that most female students abhor dressing decently and modestly to lecture halls; a situation that seduces some morally-depraved male lecturers. 

It is safe to conclude that indecent dressing is a canon fodder for sexual harassment.
Despite the negligence and laxity of some parents in inculcating good dressing morals on their female children, teachers and lecturers are expected to be epitome of virtuousness, hence they should eschew the temptation to molest their female students. 
They should rather see themselves as doting fathers who are supposed to help mould the future, career and lives of the young females.

Meanwhile, school authorities should enforce strict rules and codes that will compel female students to dress responsibly within and outside the campus.
Serious surveillance should be mounted at staff offices to check lecturers who like hosting only female students. 
They must be checked from further perpetrating the unholy act that does nothing, but only defiles the pride of our womanhood.
Yawa Hadiza Hajiya is a 300-level student of Mass Communication at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Lapai (IBBUL).

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