Declare your place of origin in Abia, group dares Otti 

Igbo interest group, Voice from the East, (VEAST), has dared the Abia state governor to name his place of origin in the state, accusing him of claiming dual indigeneship of Arochukwu and Ngwaland, both in the state.

According to the group, Otti was born and bred in Ngwaland and through communal effort, he was trained in school.

Convener of VEAST, Comrade Kindness Jonah, who disclosed this in a statement, noted that at a stage in his life, Otti had been accepted as an Ngwa man but he Iater traced his ancestry to Arochukwu which is also in Abia state.

He pointed out that for political reasons, when Otti went into politics, he began to claim both Ngwa and Aro citizenship, to suit his political ambition which VEAST frowns at.

The unabridged statement reads thus, “Alex  Chioma Oti was born and bred in   Umuru  Village, in Nvosi  community, in Isi  Ala  Ngwa South LGA  of Abia state . In fact, community  effort  greatly helped his  mother and father  train Alex Oti. 

“His  father lived rightly and peaceably  with his host community, and  no  body  ever  remembered  that  he  was  from Arochukwu  and  not  from  Ngwa  because  Ngwas gave  him  ancestral  land  to  live  in and  farm  also.  He  was  wholly  accommodated  by Ngwas in Ngwaland. This peaceable co-habitation  continued until the father of  Alex Oti  died in 2002.

“In 2010, Alex Oti had gotten money as  the Managing Director of  Diamond  Bank, after being partly trained by  communal effort of Ngwas,was visited  by Arochukwu Clan, who told him that he  is from Arochukwu, and not from Ngwaland anymore, and  that he should  relocate to Arochukwu, and  build ancestral home at his Arochukwu Clan. Alex Oti wholly agreed, and built a  magnificent house at Arochukwu and further wrote an inscription –no place like home.

“In  2012 Alex Otti was set to open his house. The Arochukwu Clan then gave Alex  Oti another condition and said that: before he could be accepted as an  Aro  man, he must go back to Ngwaland and evacuate and dig up or shovel up the bones of his buried father in Ngwaland and re-burry them in Arochukwu. Dr. Alex Chioma Oti,  wholeheartedly  agreed.

“Then  in 2012, Oti having finished  building his “New” Ancestral home at  Arochukwu, and boldly embossed on it “No place like home”, made  elaborate  ceremony as had been demanded by  his Aro  Clan, calling :   Aros, all  his   Arochukwu—Ohawfia  Community ,  all his   Old  Bende clans  and  friends and  co-bankers as well as Ngwas who also  agreed to embrace his ceremony for  peace to reign. 

“Then Alex Chioma Otti in the presence of all celebrants re-buried the bones of his father in Arochukwu, and boldly declared that he is not from Ngwaland,but from Arochukwu: everybody drank and departed, and the ceremony ended in 2012.  Note : No  Ngwa  person forced Alex  Otti   to  opt  out  of  Ngwa   Clan ,  but  out  of  his  own  choice (volition). Ngwas  accepted  him, and  helped train him . 

“No  quarrel, nothing is nothing, and  as  a  bolt  from the blue, Alex Oti decided to  trace  his Clan back to Arochukwu, and  excavated the dead  bones  of his late  father, and reburied them in Arochukwu. Ngwas did not raise  eyebrow because  he has right to wherever he  claims he  originates from.      

“Then in 2015, Alex  Otti while contesting guber election under APGA, filled INEC form that he is from Arochukwu. He lost election After losing election in 2015, he secretly went to INEC  and changed his  local government of origin from Arochukwu  back again to Ngwaland. 

“He did this when he sensed that the then governor Theodore Ori had concluded giving an Ngwa person  power. He contested 2019 elections  and failed. 

“This secret machination was not discovered until after 2023 elections when INEC had declared him winner of  Abia state gubernatorial tussle. 

“Also of note is the fact that Alex Chioma Otti did not officially resign his membership of APC party where he had lost the primaries to Ikechi Emenike.

“The pyrrhic question is: where is Alex Chioma Otti  from: Ngwa or Arochukwu ? Can you probate and reprobate at the same time? Can you come from Arochukwu and Ngwa ?”
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