Cycling team punished after mechanic posed as rider

The UCI has suspended members of Cynisca Cycling after the team disguised a mechanic as a rider in an effort to gain entry to last year’s Argenta Classic.

American team Cynisca were missing one of their five riders due to illness for the road race in Belgium.

Mechanic Moira Barrett dressed as the fifth rider in a bid to avoid the team being disqualified from the July event.

“Several members of the team had participated in a fraud,” the UCI said.

“The riders stated to the president of the commissaires’ panel that a fifth rider was present but ill.”

Cycling’s world governing body detailed the process that saw the bizarre episode unfold.

“Upon being informed by the commissaires that the team could not participate if all five riders did not sign the start sheet and take the start, [sports director] Mr Van Haute instructed the team mechanic, Moira Barrett, to wear a rider’s clothes and a face mask, to present herself at the start and sign the start sheet as the team’s fifth rider,” the UCI stated.