Cyber security levy necessary to curb criminal activities – CSO

A non-governmental organization,
Nigerian First Project (NF-PRO),
has drummed support for cyber security levy in Nigeria

Speaking at the programme organized by the group in Abuja, Comrade Hamza Umar Saulawa, Coordinator, Nigeria First Project and Comrade Bishir Dauda Sabuwar Unguwa Katsina, Director, Research and Documentation, called on all patriotic Nigerians to rally behind the federal government in its noble determination to rid the nation of any vestige of criminality, CyberCrimes and terrorism inclusive.

“In the face of growing cybercrimes in Nigeria with its attendant consequences on our nation,we find the ongoing hysterical vicious campaign against the Cybersecurity levy incongruence with the desire of many patriotic Nigerians to see that our hitherto country’s good image is restored.
“It is obvious that the conversation is being manipulated by the section of the minority vocal elites to look as if the levy is imposed to punish the masses. This is happening despite the clarification made by the Chairman, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Shehu Umar Buba. We feel that this kind of debate in which many take an extreme end is not helpful at all.

“We urge all Nigerians to objectively and without any prejudice, examine this landmark clause -Cybersecurity Levy in its entirety. They would surely see its great prospects to our country.

“From the outset,it is important for Nigerians to note that cybercrime is not only undermining Nigeria’s economy, but also has continued to tarnish our image globally. Today innocent Nigerians all over the world are being unfairly treated with suspicion at Airports, embassies,motorparks,etc.

“Indeed it is so embarrassing that whenever there is a discussion about cybercrime anywhere, the first people who come to minds are Nigerians. Many innocent Nigerians are being embarrassed, humiliated and profiled ,because of the activities of cyber criminals . Many Nigerians have lost golden opportunities, because of this terrible phenomenon.”