Customs boss promises ‘massive installation of scanners’ at seaports

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Bashir Adeniyi, has outlined plans for the massive installation of scanners, implementing data analytics, and embracing open-door policies to collaborate with stakeholders, ultimately facilitating trade in the country.

Adeniyi disclosed this on Tuesday when he hosted the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassadors of the United States and Germany, and representatives from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, as well as the World Bank to a dinner in Abuja.

Addressing the diplomats, Adeniyi emphasised his commitment to leverage new technological advancements.

He said, “Now that we have a new government and I took over in the middle of this year, we have a lot of explanations to make to all these stakeholders. We have a responsibility to carry out massive sensitisation of awareness on the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023.”

He further disclosed ongoing plans to engage Area Controllers from different formations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Act to enhance their work.

The Customs chief underscored the Act’s focus on deploying automation processes, the use of a single window and authorised economy operators’ system, incorporating Advanced Ruling, and expanding the use of scanners, signalling a move towards modernisation.

Addressing the issue of wildlife smuggling, Adeniyi assured the diplomats of his commitment to sustain the battle of illicit wildlife trade in Nigeria.

While highlighting the collaborative efforts with stakeholders, he specifically pointed out the importance of international cooperation in customs activities.

The diplomats praised the NCS’s dedication and pledged ongoing collaboration to combat wildlife trafficking and related criminal activities.

The dinner was also attended by members of the NCS management team.