Culture as a unifying factor

Nigeria is endowed with Multi-Ethnic groups with diverse cultures. This diversity suffers a major setback due to sentiment and non adherence to the beliefs, norms and value systems which are embedded in these different cultures. 

It is as a result of this negligence that brings about deviation from the expected practicable use of cultural traditions, which was suppose to be a very formidable tools in bringing people together with one accord. 

The complete adoption of western life or practices put us in an unstable condition; since western culture was never our foundation as a people. 

The quest for what could bring prominence makes us to do things which are inimical to our cultural practices thereby, resulting in recruiting agents who in turn, galvanizes social vices with a resultant consequences of  disunity or divisions, contrary to our cultural ideologies. 

Similarities in our cultural life or practices such as the works of art, crafts, marriages, traditional beliefs etc, helps in the recognition of one another’s beliefs and value systems thereby, fostering unity and peaceful co-existence amongst people. 

As a people with diverse cultures, we have so many common cultural ideologies and practices that we share; meaning plenty of things that should unite us rather than disintegrating us; when priority is given to our cultures/traditions in the scheme of things. 

The foundations laid by our ancestors should not be destroyed rather, to build on their legacies for national unity. 

The insecurity bedeviling our country today could be attributed to the non-challant attitude displayed by all and sundry towards our traditions. Let’s go back to our roots in order to restore the lost glory of our cultures. 

Religious, political, economic instability and even social status should not make us loose grip of our cultural practices (Norms, beliefs and value systems) which  is our essence as a  people. 

Rufus Elap T. 

Chief Museum Education officer,

National Museum,