CSP Yakubu congratulates new KBFN President

Former President of Kickboxing Federation of Nigeria (KBFN), CSP Abubakar Yakubu, has congratulated Mr. Wilson Okon Godwin on his election as the new president of the body.

At the National Sports Federations election held on Thursday in Abuja, Godwin, who emerged victorious to lead the board of KBFN for the next four years, until his election, was the technical director of the board.

CSP Yakubu, displaying the remarkable traits of a true patriot promised to continue his unflinching support for the development of the sport in the country.

“Let me say, a hearty congratulations to the newly elected president of KBFN,Wilson Okon Godwin. I wish him a most peaceful and successful tenure, for the benefits of the sport in Nigeria,” he said.

Leading to the elections, Yakubu had lamented the injustice meted to him by officials of the sports ministry who removed his name from the list of contestants.

He described the decision of the sports ministry to replace his name from the entry category as sponsor, as ‘changing the rules, in the middle of a game’.

He went to state that he remains unfazed, “Despite this injustice, I shall continue to encourage and support the development of kickboxing in Nigeria. No individual is bigger than Nigeria.

“Therefore, together, we shall work to take the sport to greater heights,” CSP Yakubu added.

UNI Agric Markurdi
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