CSOs condemn publications against Military, hail security forces

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have faulted media publications insinuating that internal wrangling in the military was responsible for the security challenges being faced in the country.

The CSOs described such move “as not only mischievous but highly misleading and ill motivated.”

The CSOs including Arewa Youth Federation, Citizens Actions for Good Leadership and Northern Integrity Group of Nigeria while reacting to reports published by some media platforms said the claim was baseless and politically motivated. 

In a statement signed by the trio of Adamu Matazu,  Smart Kevin Mallam Usman Muhammad, the president, Convener and Executive Director of the groups respectively and made available to journalists, the CSOs wondered why anybody would make such spurious and unfounded accusation.

“We are shocked to read a very demonic conspiracy concocted by enemies of Nigeria whose logic is not just imbecilic but kindergarten in all ramifications. To imagine that such trash is published in the Vanguard is mind boggling.

“The press release is a handiwork of desperate and unpatriotic elements who are as dangerous to the nation as the monster we are confronting. To them, the 2023 elections is a must win. Their intention is to blackmail the government and security agencies just to get to power. They do not care the number of Nigerians dead as long as their quest for power is achieved,” the statement said.

The group said, “Gen. Yahaya Farouk, the Chief of Army Staff is a tested and trusted, no nonsense military personnel who has been in the theater of war in the northeast for a long time. Gen. S A Adebayo has been the Chief of Military Intelligence and has admirably vast experience and expertise. His contributions to decimate BokoHaram/ISAWP is well known.

“Throughout the history of Nigeria, the synergy within and between the armed forces and security agencies has been legendary, leading to the formation of joint operations and task forces with astonishing results. The outstanding successes in peace keeping operations all over the world are still fresh to Nigerians. This reality is no secret and does not need advertising. In the history of this war this is the first time the security agencies are jointly coordinating intelligence gathering and the war against terror.

“The CSOs a what wranglings the group alludes, exist in the imagination of the group when the military has recorded tremendous success leading to the dead and capture of notorious bandits, destruction of their training and logistics bases. The thousands of of bandits who have surrendered to the superior fire power of the military are there for anyone to see. 

“It is inconceivable to imagine that a group of Nigerians who should know can actually come out and try to rubbish the military and allied security forces when we all know that the war against terror and all forms of criminality is being won through intelligence gathering, inter-agency coordination and information sharing throughout the country. The killing and destruction of leading BokoHaram commanders and their followers, destruction of their logistics bases attests to the success of the war against insurgency. The group and her sponsors is desperate to sow seeds of division in the ranks of the military.”

They CSOs cautioned against making claims on internal wrangling “without giving any specific details or data to back up cases of operational failures that could justify this bland accusation is highly uncalled for and not worthy of attention from discerning and learned Nigerians. 

“From Operation Yaki, to Operation Hadin Kai, Operation Python Dance and all the military operations ever carried out in the country, there is always a mix of all the security agencies from the Police to Civil Defense to the military and members of the intelligence community. This is glaring, and a testimony to the synergy and cooperation within the security architecture in the country. To deny this is to accept one’s insanity even before psychiatric evaluation.

“The gains made in the war against terror in the northeast, northwest and secessionists elements in the southeast and southwest should tell every Nigerian that the security forces are working together and for the overall good of the country.

“The coordinated military operations and the successes against terrorism and criminality in the country is a perfect testimony to the coordination and cooperation between the army.

“This cannot be possible without sophisticated intelligence gathering, information evaluation and analysis. The attack on the intelligence unit tells us that the heat is on and the sponsors of terror are feeling the heat, hence their resort to blackmail and attempt to sow seeds of discord within the rank and file of the military. The precision in the airstrikes on terrorists hideouts and camps coupled with the decimation by ground soldiers is ample evidence to the hindsight of the intelligence unit.”

According to the coalition, “The allusion of mutiny is imaginary and exists only in the thinking of desperate people. The Nigerian Army and military at large is too disciplined to be swayed by the ignorance of some wailers and their sponsors who know nothing about military command and hierarchy. The military is determined and focused in confronting the insurgency and all forms of criminality in the country and will not be distracted by frivolous press releases from desperate politicians. 

“Nigerians must discountenance the press release from the group and continue to cooperate with security forces to further destroy these elements of disunity.”