Covid-19: Kaduna shuts entry points from 6pm

The Kaduna state government has shut all entry points into the state from 6pm to 6am everyday, as no interstate or intra-state travel is allowed in the night even for essential services.

A statement issued by Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan on Friday evening, said that the order is with effect from Friday, 1st May 2020. 

The Commissioner said that the decision followed a security briefing that criminal elements are using night hours to infiltrate people into Kaduna state.

The statement pointed out that ‘’recent Covid-19 cases in the state are related to inter-state travel which is implicated in the rapid spread of the virus across state lines.

“Security agencies will respect the exemptions granted for the movement of food and other essentials in daytime hours only. All vehicles that come after 6pm carrying food, petroleum products or other essentials must park at the entry point overnight. 

“Vehicles on essential duty will then be inspected after 6am by our health and security team, and will only be granted passage if the goods they are conveying are really essential,” he clarified.

The Commissioner reiterated that ‘’all passenger and private vehicles shall be turned back to their original destination. The government appeals to everyone to scrupulously comply with the Quarantine Orders to save lives and protect our people from the suffering infection with Covid-19 could unleash”.

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