Covid-19: Agric Bureau wants farm zones created to check food shortage

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As Nigeria continue to fight the spread of the dreaded with the call for total shut down, the Agric Bureau, a group of indigenous Agro Business investors has called on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency redirect resources into quickly developing alternative production and  supply chains of critical resources.

The group the government must bring in all active players in the agriculture and allied industry, the pharmaceutical companies, the logistic companies into an emegency mode to develop a strategy to keep the country’s supply chain running.

The Bureau in a statement signed by the coordinator, Mr Suleiman Dikwa, on Wednesday in Abuja said there has to be farm camps, where only people working on the farms are isolated.

“If you have people on the farm let them stay there. The logistics can be worked out  with drop offs and pick ups. We don’t know where this will go, if you have any kind of space begin cultivation.

“If you live in the city, vertical agriculture or hydrophonics. We need to take data of resources withing our geographical area. If we shut down and the food chain stops, t will kill more people than the virus, we therefore need to organise ourselves online and allocate responsibilities,” he said 

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