Corruption: Group indicts NIS leadership, plans protest

A foremost pro Buhari organisation, Nigeria Diaspora Alliance For Good Governance (NDAGG) has raised the alarm that the President Muhamudu Buhari administration’s much hyped anti-corruption mantra is being threatened according to documents at it’s disposal indicting Nigeria’s Immigration Service (NIS) under Mr Idris Jere, acting Comptroller General of the service.

The group in a press statement released to journalists in Abuja on Monday and signed by its national Coordinator, Oduma Akor, said Nigerians will not look the other way “while the NIS Boss is hell bent on rubbishing President Buhari’s efforts in repositioning the country.

“We have in our custody documents indicting the acting Comptroller General of Immigration, Mr Idris Jere, and it will interest you to know that some of the greatest financial heists in immigration occured when Idris Jere was in charge of finance and accounts of the service.

“We believe Mr President was misled into appointing Idris Jere as acting CG of the immigration service but it is not too late to correct the error”, the statement noted.

The group said Mr President should as a matter of urgency sack Mr Idris Jere and appoint a capable hand from outside the service same way he did for the Nigeria Customs Service.

“Can’t you see what is going on in the Custom service? Because the man in charge is an achiever” Mr President has such powers. He should utilise same to save the country’s immigration service.

“Over the years, Immigration personel who rose to become comptroller general of (NIS) have failed the system and it is high time Mr President act in the interest of the country.
Nigeria’s Immigration service officials seem to be emboldened in corruption under Idris Jere as CG”, the group alleged.

The group further disclosed that documents in it’s possession revealed prevailing international passport racketeering scheme at Nigeria’s immigration headquarters and across commands.

“While we urge the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the acting CG, we demand that Mr Idris Jere must resign effective immediately without fail.”

The group maintained that it will mobilise Nigerians to hold peaceful protest at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to demand Mr President’s action to save the country’s image.

“Documents at our disposal further reveal inflated and non existent contracts awarded to fronts, incidentally, some of this happened when Mr Idris Jere was DCG in charge of finance and accounts. He has now consolidated his full grip on the service to instituionalise corruption.

“For example, promotion fraud within the service has taken dangerous new heights under Idris Jere” a female personel of the immigration service who pleaded anonymity confirmed how senior officials harass junior female personel for juicy postings. All these must stop. Mr President should come to our aid,” the group said.

The group explained that on January 1, 2022, during the protests, it will make available to the media documents on financial transactions done with companies without proper documentation under Mr Idris Jere’s watch.

Effort to speak to acting CG of NIS was not successful as at the time of filling this report as messages sent to him were not responded to.