Coronavirus: Flight dispatcher warns against sick passengers travelling

A United States Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority ( NCAA) licensed Flight  Dispatcher and Ground Instructor, Mrs. Victoria Jumoke Adegbe, has advised sick passengers to abstain from traveling to save their lives from the ravaging spread of Coronavirus codenamed Covid-19. 

She said sick passengers manifesting symptoms of other infections were more susceptible to contract Corovirus through the air travel mode compared to other modes of because of  cabin pressurization associated with air travel.

Adegbe said the travel advisory to sick persons became imperative because of the peculiarity of air travel as the fastest mode of transport likely to serve as an avenue for the fastest spread of coronavirus disease.

She said as a ground pilot, the air transport industry needed to curtail the spread of coronavirus by insisting that passengers adhere to preventive measures including personal hygiene and the use of sanitizes.

Adegbe said urgent steps needed to be taken to curtail the spread of Coronavirus , which has killed many people in six weeks.

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