Constitution amendment: Prioritise state police, gender equity, others, Britain tells Nigeria 

Need for state policing in Nigeria got a boost Tuesday in Abuja with interest shown for it by the British government.

The British government’s position on the issue was expressed by its High Commissioner to Nigeria , Richard Hugh Montgomery, in his remarks during courtesy visit paid on the President of the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Aside state police, the British High Commissioner also said two very important issues like better representation of women in politics and parliament as well as effective and efficient social net work for the citizenry in form of welfare and well- being enhancing palliatives, are also of interest to the British government, being a long time partner of Nigeria with shared history. 

He said: “The reason why I’m here with my delegation for the courtesy call  is that where possible, we would like to understand your vision and your priorities for the 10th National Assembly. 

“But before perhaps I table a few issues for interest and possible conversation, I would just like to make a broader statement about the UK Nigeria relationship. Because the UK and Nigeria have a long standing relationship based on a shared history and we have incredibly strong people to people links between our country.

“We have very significant connections between our democracies and our democratic institutions, whether it is our parliaments or National Assembly, or it is the Westminster foundation for democracy, or it is the constant exchange between parliamentarians here and parliamentarians in the UK.

“We  are watching your debate about issues like state police, issues like promoting better representation for women in politics and in parliament, issues like the palliatives and social safety nets that need to go alongside the difficult economic reforms, but very impressive economic reforms that are being undertaken.”