Constituency allowance in whose interest?

It is pertinent to draw the attention of Nigerian legislators in the senate and House of Representatives to the reasons they were elected to represent their various constituencies.

You were all elected into the legislative arm of government not just to make laws for us but to also provide dividend of democracy such as roads, water, schools, among other social amenities.

The federal government releases constituency allowances to each law maker which is meant to address socio-economic challenges in their immediate constituencies. It is also meant to support rural development efforts.

However, a chunk of these allowances are not judiciously utilised for the intended purpose. Most of the roads in the local government areas in Nigeria are in bad shape, causing accidents and the resultant loss of lives and property. For instance, in Borno state, Dikwa to Gamboru Ngala road is totally destroyed, it is impossible to travel on this road whenever it rains. Travellers have to wait for the mud to dry before leaving their destination. There is nothing to write home about most of the roads across Nigerian local government areas.

People are suffering from hunger and are in need of other amenities at the grassroots level. You received funds for consistency projects, I feel it’s necessary to remind you of your duties and responsibilities to the people that trusted and elected you to represent them.

There’s need for the federal government to set up committee that will supervise projects done by any law maker with the constituency allowance. They should be accountability of such funds because constituency allowance is for the benefit of the constituents and not a personal emolument or entitlement of a legislator.

If the fund will not be used for the purpose it’s meant for, then the government should invest it in business other than wasting funds on what cannot be accounted for.

Elizabeth Maina,
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Maiduguri, Borno state

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