Coca-Cola set to launch unifying thematic campaign

As part of its promise never to shy away from social issues, Coca-Cola has concluded plans to launch a big marketing campaign across ten markets designed to the drink as a that unites people in what it perceives as an “ever more polarised and unfriendly world”.

According to a statement, the campaign will launch next week and will run under the tagline ‘Everything is better when we’re open’.

Recall that Coca-Cola’s research and social listening has identified that advertising based around “empathy” will be key to driving its newly crystallised purpose.

The positioning comes as consumers increasingly expect brands to stand for something. It also comes on the back of flat sales in major European markets, including Great Britain and France for the business in Q3.

Marking a shift in tone from Coca-Cola’s global ‘Taste the Feeling’ one strategy, the new proposition suggests a unified approach to marketing from the across Europe and Walter Susini, vice-president of marketing for EMEA was quoted to have said that the campaign had been a long time coming.

“Our is about bringing people together. We’ve been doing it for 134 years, it’s not a new, genius idea but we’re going to focus on what we do best, which is unite and uplift,” he said.

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