COAS, CAS celebrate Sallah with troops in Maiduguri, harp on synergy

The synergy at the highest echelon of the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) was once again demonstrated by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya and Chief of Air Staff (CAS) Air Marshal Oladayo Amao when both Service Chiefs feted personnel of the Air Component of Operation HADIN KAI (OPHK) to a buffet lunch at Maiduguri to mark Eid el Kabir.

A statement signed by NAF spokesperson Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet on Tuesday,  the CAS in his remark said it provided an opportunity to, not only bond with frontline troops but also to promote comradeship and regimentation in the Service.

The lunch, according to the CAS, also provided an opportunity to remember colleagues who have paid the supreme price in the service of the fatherland.

Air Marshal Amao said that the security threats currently facing the nation and the challenges therein required the emplacement of a robust security architecture capable of rapid employment of airpower in all spectrums of warfare. 

According to the CAS, “The paradigm shift in the way air warfare is waged in the fulfillment of mission objectives necessitates a highly versatile Air Force capable of executing a wide range of airpower roles across multiple Theatres of Operation to deal with these security threats.”

 He also took note of the collaborative efforts between the NAF and sister agencies which has enhanced operational effectiveness of the entire (AFN), while also minimizing the threats posed by insurgents.

He assured that the NAF will continue to enhance its synergy with sister Services and other security agencies, whilst leveraging each other’s capabilities to secure the nation.

While expressing pride in the efforts of all NAF officers, airmen and airwomen participating in Internal Security operations in different parts of the Country, Air Marshal Amao stated that the NAF, through the Air Component of OPHK, will continued to perform overly critical roles in providing the much-needed air support for the effective conduct of ground operations by the Land Component.

On his part, Lt.-Gen. Yahaya commended the personnel for their dedication and commitment to counterinsurgency operations under OPHK.

He also went down memory lane to recall his days as the Theatre Commander of OPHK where he enjoyed unfettered access to all the platforms and facilities under the Air Component Commander, while expressing gladness that the cooperation between the Land and Air Component have continued even after his tenure.

 Lt.-Gen. Yahaya also singled out the air power characteristics of speed and reach which, when combined with the Army’s ability to hold ground as critical to bringing the current security challenges to a halt.

He went on to commend the Air Component Commander and his staff for their commitment and contributions towards ensuring that peace and stability is restored to all parts of the Northeast.