Coalition wants cancelation of APC primary in Ondo

Coalition of Civil Society Observer Groups has called for the cancellation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship primary election of 20th April, 2024 in Ondo state.

They said a fresh transparent, credible and all-inclusive primary election be immediately conducted within the next few days/hours considering INEC timetable and in total compliance with the party guideline and Constitution.

The CSOs through its team leader, Comrade Eleojo Emem and team secretary Oluwafemi Kayode in a press statement issued on Thursday, said having carefully followed the entire process of the election with respect to the party constitution and guidelines for the conduct of the election in line with the Independent National Electoral Commission Set Standards, observed late arrival of the Party’s Election Committee to Ondo state, less than 24hrs to such a crucial election and convening a stakeholders/aspirants meeting eve to an election when aspirants and political stakeholders were already expected to be at their various localities for the election.

They further observed that the election was not conducted in all the entire wards/centers in the state but was rather stage managed in selected wards/centers in few Local Government Areas for media show as observed by our team.

They also observed a free movement of thugs with dangerous weapon scaring away and intimidating party faithful from participating in the exercise in areas.

The groups said bearing in mind the crucial role played by stakeholders’ meetings in disseminating important information, clarifying doubts, and building trust among party members ahead of the election, despite the late and very inconvenient timing of the stakeholders meeting, the turnout was still very impressive as aspirants and party members were eager to receive final instruction from the Election Committee regarding the conduct of a credible, transparent, free and fair all-inclusive election.

“The Ondo State Governorship Election of 16th November, 2024 present a golden opportunity for the All Progressives Congress (APC) to further consolidate her grip on the South West, but that can only be achieved through a credible, transparent, free and fair Primary Election where all the aspirants will be treated equal and fairly.

“It is only a primary Election where all the aspirants will see themselves as co-winners and happily congratulate the candidate that will further unit the party for collective victory come November 16th 2024 in Ondo state.

“The onus of choosing a credible, acceptable and accessible candidate through a credible transparent process becomes very critical as any mistake in this regard is capable of disintegrating the party and makes it easy for the party to lose the State.

“One of the major reasons why we have remained where we are right from independence is because Nigeria has always been saddled with individuals who claim that, they were not prepared for the office they now occupy.

“In other words, there were no laid down, well-articulated plans or vision for the people you aspire to lead, other than mere happenstance, which APC as a ruling party that promised Nigerians change must also practice at all levels of leadership.

“It is regrettable that as civil society independent observer groups for the party’s governorship primary elections in the state of Ondo, after observing the pre-election activities and sampling party members and public opinion ahead of the primary election.

“We issued a statement calling on the party leadership to act quickly and save the party from imminent collapse/election failure in Ondo State and post primary election litigations but our advice and recommendation was not keenly considered, resulting to this charade kankagroo governorship primary election that has further divided the party and positioned her on the path of election failure if nothing is done immediately to save the situation,” they said.