Coalition makes case for President of North-central extraction

A coalition of states in the North-central region has made case for the Presidency to be zoned to the region in the country’s forthcoming general elections in 2023.

The states on the aegis of the North Central Coalition Initiative (NCCI), made the case, Wednesday in Abuja, while addressing a press conference with the theme: Nigeria: A Nation That Must Survive -Rebooting, Redeeming, & Restoring Nigeria To Her Glory.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Senator Philip Gyunka (2015-2019), said: “Nigeria is today at the brink of disintegration as we are witnessing unprecedented agitations from the various political components that make up the country.

“There’s clamoring for self-determination in some geo-political zones of the country, calls for restructuring of political power structures, and calls for the complete jettison of the nation’s Constitution which was authored by the military, for a new one whose tenets should have inputs from the people.

“Activities undermining democratic norms are now rife in the country, and it is very clear that unless these issues are addressed, the nation may no doubt slide into an abyss of destruction; a situation we’re all praying would be averted.

“All right thinking Nigerians know that the disintegration of our country would spell doom not only for us as a people, but would also drastically affect the entire African continent.’

Speaking further he said: “A critical analysis of events in the corridors of power will show that all the bickering prevailing today are influenced by negative political tendencies

“… It is clear that only one geopolitical zone has been marginalized in power distribution; And that zone is the North-central geopolitical. It is clear that only one geopolitical zone has been marginalised in power distribution; And that zone is the North-central geopolitical zone which has never produced a democratically elected President or Vice President.

“We desire to build a nation poised for development through the entrenchment of democratic institutions; and this can only be done through the inclusiveness in politics and the equitable involvement in the political process of all Nigerians.

“The interesting thing here is that North-central geopolitical zone of Nigeria provided for the enabling environment for political re-engineering of our political system and national cohesion.

“And ever since this significant role of the North-central geopolitical zone in Nigeria’s re-engineering political process, this region has remained the fulcrum that holds the nation together.”

Enumerating the region’s role he said, “It was the leadership provided by Gen. Yakubu Gowon, that saw to the amicable resolution of political crisis that engulfed the country and the eventual end of the civil war.

“In the same vein, Gen. Abubakar created the enabling environment for power to be returned to the South-west, with General Olusegun Obasanjo emerging as democratically elected President.

“Political leaders likes Solomon Lar and many other notable sons of north central geopolitical zone, encouraged and pressured the military to birth democracy. The democracy we so much cherish today is the product of the efforts of these men of honour.”

According to him, “Even in the present dispensation, there’re many political leaders from the North central zone like Sen. Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki; Sen. Prof Iyiorcha Ayu; Sen. David Mark; Sen Jonah David Jang; and many others not mentioned here, who were the architects of tenets of democracy in legislative craftsmanship while serving in the National Assembly.

“It would therefore, be logical to say in spite of being marginalised politically, North-central Nigeria has continued to play the role of mediators and ameliorators during crises situations in the country.

“This, political leaders in the zone have done because of their desire to see that Nigeria remains as one political entity. Having exhaustively analysed our current situation, we strongly believe that for Nigeria to be rescued from the brink, our focus must be on North-central zone.

“Let the next President of Nigeria come from this zone. Political leaders in the likes of Dr Saraki, have what it takes to lead this country and unite the peeple.

“The North-central geopolitical zone has suffered so much injustice and it is its political victim status that can make leaders from this zone dispense justice equitably and ensure that there’re no second class citizens in Nigeria.

“We strongly believe that for Nigeria to survive as a political entity and witness rapid development, there must be good leadership in place. North-central geopolitical zone is strategically positioned to provide the much deserved political leadership for Nigeria.”