Climate change: Expert advocates for green community in Jos

As residence of Jos witnesses high intensity of heat wave, an expert in Geographic Information System and Sustainable Development Goals (GIS & SDGs), Murtala Ahmad, has called on government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and religious institutions, to canvass for mass planting of vegetations to mitigate against climate change and global warming.

The environmentalist, advocated for, “green community,” for enhanced health system amongst the residence of Jos, and Nigeria at large.

He said Jos that is known for its moderate weather, of mostly cold temperatures, is today turning to be a hot climatic environment.

Our correspondent report that the change in climate has significantly, affected torrential rainfalls, which used to spanned from February to October/November.

Ahmad said human factors are major drivers of the recent change in climate, due to cutting of trees and other vegetations without replacing them.

“The vegetation cover of Jos, have significantly deflicted because those natural green covers that are supporting the climate have been replaced with buildings, and houses.

“Also due to drilling of boreholes, and covering of the earth with interlocking, the natural water does not have space for proper percolation.

“Government and its agencies should wake up to do the right things; the Federal College of Forestry, should be seen discharging the social responsibilities of advocacy, and enlightenment within communities in order fir the people to imbibe the habit of a green community, where in each house a tree or vegetation is planted,” he advocated.

According to him, until the issue of green cover is seriously addressed, by ensuring that trees and other vegetations are not rampantly cut-off, global warming and climate change, would continue to be a problem to human existence, adding that people are now mainly, inhaling carbon that majorly circulate, rather than oxygen that they required.

“The NGOs and religious bodies should also be encouraging people to plant in their rooms, their compounds and communities. Religiously, when you plant a tree, you also get rewards from God,” he admonished.