Cleric predicts shakeup in DSS over ‘unwarranted’ arrests

The National Publicity Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Emmah Isong, has predicted shakeup in the Department of State Services in 2020 over what he called indiscriminate arrest and humiliation of Nigerians by the security organisation

Isong, who is also the presiding Bishop of the Calabar-based Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI) made the prediction during his New Year prophetic messages in the early hours of Wednesday.

He said there would be many protests and civil disobedience in the year due to people’s rejection of some government policies.

He said: “There is going to be a DSS shaking because of the embarrassment of continuously arresting innocent Nigerians, confining them, bailing them and re-arresting some of them. They are even arresting clergymen. I see the DSS arresting some top clergymen, as never before, just because of public statements those clergymen made.”

The cleric, who had last year accurately predicted the outcome of the governorship elections in Bayelsa state, further said a notorious and most wanted criminal in the country would be arrested.

He said: “A long chase is over. A notorious, most wanted criminal and terrorist has been finally caught. God has given us the victory. It is discovered he had foreign support and sponsorship, but he has now surrendered.”

He advised Nigerians to mind their steps this year because, “I am seeing tear gas and tear gas everywhere. There shall be many protests and civil disobediences, very imminent and many will be caught in the crossfire.  In 2020, stay away from public fight because there is going to be serious clamped down or breach of public peace and many may be entrapped.”

Isong also said there would be “another calculated attempt to legalise homosexuality, but I see African leaders resisting it and rejecting it, even though it is causing international problem.

“On anti-corruption fight, a big discovery of years of leakages linked to the banking sector by the CBN that would have changed the lives of Nigerians over the years, have been uncovered and plunged back into the economy properly.

 “Nigerians should stop being hard and selfish. The nation would have changed by now for better if people were looking over their shoulders to care for the weak and the young and the elderly.”