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Cleric commends CRK, IRK return to curriculum

By Tope Musowo Lagos

A cleric has lauded the recent return of Christian Religious Studies (CRS) and Islamic religious Studies (IRS) into the school curriculum, stating that this would help expose the children to godliness right from childhood and guard against social vices. Prophetess Oyinkansola Ayedun, spiritual head of Imisi Ogo Cherubim and Seraphim Church, made comment at the second anniversary of Church held at Mosan Okunola area of Lagos. She noted that the knowledge of God, if introduced to the pupils in the early stage of live, helped them to always retrace their steps easily even when they falter along the way as no man was infallible.

Th e cleric revealed that the Holy Spirit was the mainstay of her ministry, urging all men of God to allow the spirit teach how to navigate the turf. Th e secretary of the Shurch Mrs. Ewatomi Kehinde, stated that the impact of the ministry in the lives of member was immeasurable, going by the truthful prophecies that chart the course of a positive future for the faithful. According to Ewatomi, the call of “God is the most important criterion as He would always give needed backup once He is involved in any given ministry commission. “Here in Imisi Ogo C&S church, we enjoy the guidance of God through prophecies that are incontrovertible, the divine hand of God move mightily in our midst and are most grateful for that. Commenting on having a woman taking charge over a church and biblical dichotomy, Ewatomi maintained the calling of the Lord is general, not gender specifi c. “Th e call of God is to many but few are chosen and amidst the few it could a woman or man, so the person that called one into ministry is the most important factor, once it is God no problems . Also speaking at the gathering was the owner of ABIDAP Hotel and Suite, Mr. Tony Adenubi who also corroborates the statement of the church secretary with respect to the presence of God in the gathering. He noted that God has been awesome in the church right from inception.

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