Christmas season is here

December 25, every year is a Christmas day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ even though some people have different perception on the birth date.

This is a season of reflection and merriment across the world and it usually comes with ecstatic weather experience that every Christian looks forward to when it is December.

Christians all over the world celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Messiah and the redeemer of mankind from trap of sin, to gain salvation and reunite with God Almighty.

Christmas season is for Christians to appreciate God for the good tidings and to glorify His powerful name. It is also the season that comes with a lot of commitment and expectations.

This year’s Christmas day is about few weeks from now and as usual preparations are ongoing among people on what to buy and how to celebrate. This is a period of special delicious refreshment and gives away hamburgers to loved ones.

There are also decorations of Christmas trees, flowers and sparkling lights in places, streets, roundabouts, churches, homes, banks, offices, eateries, joints, supermarkets, restaurants, markets, parks and gardens; Santa Claus adorns all places for the celebration and patronage.

It’s worthy of note that, Christmas over the centuries has been an interesting and entertaining season among the people, families, and friends, but the current economic challenges and hardship have greatly affected people’s capabilities of meeting this desirous commitments.

It’s unlikely that this year’s celebration will be entertaining because the point of reference that comes to mind, is the removal of fuel subsidy that led to increases in PMS, gas, diesel, engine oil and kerosene which have skyrocketed transport fares and prices of commodities across the markets today.

Christmas has come and it’s a season to celebrate, but how to grapple with the high cost of living and lack of resources is a big challenge, as it’s a tradition to observe such day with smiling faces and welcoming hands.

In this period, also, many people travel around the country from North to South and from West to East, vice versa; from cities to towns and from towns to villages to celebrate with their loved ones.

Thus far, we are in a new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu under his “Renewed Hope Agenda” which Nigerians are eagerly awaiting to see what positive results it will yield.

As Nigerians had witnessed several promises and agenda before now and the hardship they pass through under the immediate past administration can never be renewed wishes in this present administration.

Therefore, as the year comes to an end, it’s important to remind the security agencies, road safety officers to rise up to their responsibilities and ensure safety of road users and deal with all forms of criminality.

Based on all these, it’s the responsibility of government to protect lives and property of citizens and to cushion the effects of the economic hardship by providing, among other things, easy transportation services during this yuletide.

Most, importantly, Christians have to remember that Christmas period is not only for merry making but also to keep their hope alive and reflect on the essence of Jesus’ birth and emulate his virtues.

Furthermore, as we draw nearer to this memorable day, it is our collective responsibility to remember the needy, the less privileged, the poor, the orphans and people with disabilities in our society by showing love and care during the season.

To this end, Christmas, apart from marking the birthday of Jesus Christ, also marks the last month of the year. And as we celebrate it, let’s not forget to pray for the peace and unity of Nigeria.

James Samuel,

UNI Agric Markurdi
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