Christmas message: Muslim solidarity forum condemns Kukah

The Muslim Solidarity Forum, an umbrella body of Islamic organisations; Islamic Centres, Sufi Orders, Imams, Islamic scholars and preachers in Sokoto state has condemned the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah over his Christmas message.

A statement by the acting chairman of the forum, Professor Isa Muhammad Maishanu in Sokoto,Tuesday, lambasted Bishop Kukah for accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of committing acts of nepotism, which according to him, “if a fraction of it were to be committed by any non- Northern Muslim President, there would have been a coup in the country.”

The acting chairman said the forum is not holding brief for Mr President but was rather concerned about the image of Muslims which Bishop Kukah attacked in his message without an iota of caution.

“The Bishop has the penchant to speak in parables and innuendos. His reference to a people who possess ‘a pool of violence to draw from’ no doubt is a reference to those he has always characterised with violence – the Muslims. This is a serious provocation. He even has the gut to say the killings we are witnessing in Nigeria are part of a grand religious design!.

“For those who are familiar with Kukah’s antics, this is not the first of its kind, as he utilises every available opportunity during public lectures, homilies, media interviews etc to pour his spurious and venomous attack on Islam and Muslims, especially those of Northern Nigeria extraction.”