Christmas 2023 – Time for deep reflection

Over 2000 years ago an envoy of God, who bore the earthly name Jesus Christ, walked on the face of this our earth, in a region generally known as Palestine, born in a stable in Bethlehem. By the way, he was born in that stable not because his earthly parents could not afford decent accommodation but because all the lodgements in that area through which they were journeying at the time were already fully booked. His earthly parents were not poor, nor were they rich (billionaires). Rather, they were what in today’s language is termed, ‘’good middle class’’. And the elements (what we generally call nature) heralded His birth. Some persons’ spiritual eyes were momentarily opened to ‘see’ the greatness of the moment, whereupon they fell on their knees in veneration and praise of God’s inconceivable goodness and mercy. 

Some other persons inwardly sensed a momentous happening without really grasping it. Among them the three wise men (Powerful kings of the region and surrounding countries at the time). They went in search of the Child, guided by the Star. And when they found him they presented him with expensive gifts and then went their way. They soon forgot Him. By doing so, they failed in their calling which was to use their high earthly positions to smooth His Missionary path by protecting Him against earthly impediments and persecution.

Recall that Jesus Christ’s earthly life was cut short in the course of His Mission when he was persecuted, accused of ‘’blasphemy’’ and eventually nailed to the cross(the form of death common at the time); wherein he uttered the greatest prayer of intercession ever said, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. By not shunning death even in the face of so much suffering, Jesus put a seal to the Word of Truth that he brought to mankind…. Outwardly a man amongst men, Jesus Christ came from the abode of God down, down to earth, gross matter to bring to all mankind, the light of God through the Word of Truth which he disseminated through word of mouth at the time so that we might find eternal peace. In the Word of Truth is embedded the laws of God, also known as the laws of Creation or the laws of nature. At the time He explained the Word largely by parables journeying from town to town with His disciples.

The coming of the Saviour to this dense earth was an act of love by the Almighty Creator to save mankind from certain spiritual death. Before His coming the earth had become dense, heavy, because of the waywardness, sinful nature of mankind who had long veered from the Will of God. It was enveloped by the darkness which increasingly weighed down on it as mankind increasingly turned away from God, believing they are sufficient unto themselves. And the earth was throttling towards the point of disintegration. 

Creation broadly consists of the spiritual part (heaven with its stratified gradations) and the material part(made up of various segments of matter, namely gross matter(earth), medium gross matter, fine gross matter and the ethereal).Whereas the spiritual part is eternal –it is metaphorically called the land paved with gold. Those human beings who make it to heaven/paradise are forever giving and reaping joy in humble service, veneration and praise of the Almighty Creator, God.

The material part is not eternal but subject to the law of cycle whereby it gets to a point in its mighty cycle (which spans thousands of years) where disintegration sets in, that is, it disintegrates into primordial seed to arise again reinvigorated afresh (again this entails a long period in earthly time) to start a new cycle. All those whose souls/spirits cannot ascent to the lighter regions, nay heaven, upon shedding their physical cloak (death) but remain in matter at the time of this happening would be drawn into the funnel of disintegration of all matter and suffer spiritual death.

Just before this material part gets to this critical juncture, God in His mercy sent prophets and called ones to parts of the earth to warn us, mankind, to retrace our evil steps, to give us some enlightenment on a path that leads upwards to the Kingdom of God/Heaven. But mankind paid little heed to them. Then God out of His inconceivable love which we little human beings would never be able to comprehend sent a part from out of Himself (His Son) to proclaim the Word of Salvation directly. Although outwardly, His physical features were like that of every other earthman, His inner core was unsubstantiate, not spiritual like that of we human beings, nor divine like that of the Angels. Coming from such unfathomable height, Christ was able to transmit the Word of God, the Truth in its pure form. The Word was to work like a leaven bread in all those that imbibed, grasped and live it accordingly in word, thoughts and deeds. As it grew in them, it was to wit, gradually dispel the darkness…

Jesus always pointed to the necessity for us to, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added to you’. That is, only in doing things according the laws of creation which encompass the Will of God can we find peace and lasting values. Anything that does not align with these laws no matter what it may be will falter and fail. He also reportedly told us that ‘Man shall not live by bread alone but by the Word of God’. That is, we should not become so engrossed in earthly enjoyments that it becomes a propensity, for, what sustains us as human spirits is not so much these ephemeral things as the Word of God which is food for our spirit and it is the spirit that animates our physical body. The kernel of His teachings was love which He encapsulated in the one sentence, ‘’Love your neighbour as yourself’’. He thereby showed us the key to the Kingdom of Heaven and peace—love.

Today, hatred has supplanted love in the hearts of majority of people living on earth. Today, Bethlehem His birthplace and the other surrounding towns/countries where the saviour walked and lived as bringer of Truth is enveloped in an air of sadness. Small and big wars are being waged hither and thither; every country on our globe is experiencing one economic crisis or the other. We should reflect on whether we have really internalised the teachings of the great teacher. The times in which we live call for deep reflection, sober, heartfelt gratitude to God for sending down the saviour, not wild celebrations.

Ikeano writes via [email protected] 08033077519