Choosing the right handbag

They are indispensable to woman. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes, yet do women really know how to choose the right handbag? Choosing the right handbag that complements you is both an art and a science.

Form over fashion
The first question that most women struggle with is whether to choose a handbag that is large and practical, or to go in for something that is more fashionable than practical. The idea is to decide upon what is essential to carry in your handbag and the occasion for which you are carrying the handbag. When going on a trip out of station, it is excusable to carry a large, roomy handbag. Even if you need a large bag, the trick is to choose a handbag that is aesthetic. With the numerous options available, affordable to all purses, there’s no excuse for lugging around that worn and weathered handbag anymore.
The simplest rule is to match a casual handbag with a casual outfit and a formal bag with a formal outfit. If you are the type of person who believes that one handbag suits all, then it is ideal that you choose a neutral handbag.

To match or not to match?
That is the question. Whether a handbag should match the rest of the outfit has always plagued women. The reality is handbags are not like shoes, they don’t need to match the overall outfit. In fact, handbags can be used to give contrast and emphasis to the overall outfit. The image of a lady dressed in a red gown with a black clutch handbag is more striking, as compared to one of her with a matching red handbag. The person with the black handbag is likely to have more emphasis. Black is the ideal colour of a handbag to go with bright printed fabrics. Red on the other hand, goes well with a black or navy blue ensemble.

Size does matter 
Your height will determine the size of the handbag that is apt for you. While a tall lady can carry a handbag of any size, a person with a more petite frame should avoid bulky handbags. The ideal size of handbag for a tall woman would be medium-sized or large. She may look awkward holding a handheld bag. For a short woman, a small bag that is held close to the body is ideal.

The length of the strap also needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a handbag. Ideally the strap should dangle the bag just above the woman’s hips. A large bag extending below the hips will cause a woman to tilt her posture to compensate, looking awkward.

A person with a fuller figure should use a structured, rectangular or square handbag to create a striking contrast. Ideally, the shape of the handbag should contrast the shape of your body – a tall thin person can pick round handbags, while short and plump people would be better off carrying a tall and elongated handbag.

The form of your handbag
The form of the handbag also needs to be taken into consideration. Ideally, settle on a handbag that holds its form when not full. This usually depends on the cut of the handbag and the material that it is made of. Examine the buckles and fasteners of the handbag. Always ensure that clasps or fasteners are good. A half open, unclasped, or stuffed handbag gives an overall shabby impression.

The overall form of the handbag that you choose will eventually reflect your personality.
A person who is aesthetic will be attracted to a showy handbag with more frills than is practical. A person who prefers a simpler practical approach will avoid a handbag with tassels, decorative buckles, and numerous pockets, and will opt for a simple and, probably spacious, handbag.

A confident and refined woman who has an eye for detail would choose a handbag crafted out of luxury leathers. She would want to make an impression but not necessarily be showy. She would understand that to make a mark, sometimes, less is more.

A woman with a flamboyant personality who wants to make heads turn would opt for fabrics such as lace with a lot of classical bead work and glitter. Such a woman would choose vibrant colours that bring out her youthful nature.
Finally, a woman who wants value for money would look for an all-round handbag. This would be a bag with good utilitarian value, with additional organiser pockets, key chains, and cell phone pockets, yet at the same time, having an aesthetic touch.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to choose a handbag that is lightweight. This is especially true if you will spend a lot of time travelling. Clutch handbag is an inconvenient option for people who travel a lot by public transport and should be thought through. Though a popular handbag these days, they are easy to lose and liable to be snatched away. For such an occasion, a clutch bag with a leather or chain strap is more apt. While travelling a person can sling it over her shoulders and otherwise tuck the strap into the bag itself.


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