Chief priest proposes ‘Soul Day’ in place of Christmas 


The Chief Priest of Eledumare (God Almighty) ministry, Owolabi Salis, has called for the celebration of Soul Day between December 25 and 27 as against the usual celebration of Christmas Day on December 25.

In a statement made available to Blueprint, Salis said human beings and most living things are all about body and soul.

Salis, a former gubernatorial candidate of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Lagos state, said God gave the soul into the body which custodian is the heart.

He stated that: “You should offer thanksgiving to God for keeping your soul alive and thanksgiving for good heart, which is celebrated by lunar calendar under the Eledumare Ministry.

“Instead of celebrating Christmas, you should celebrate Soul Day between the night of December 25 and December 27 of every year. On these days, you pray and offer thanksgiving to your Creator, Eledumare, the Lord God Almighty, for keeping your soul alive and enriching your soul for guidance and spiritual stability. Why? Because your Creator, Eledumare, is your soul’s owner and the only one you should worship”.

Explaining what is expected of the people during the three days, Salis said: “People should celebrate with their family and friends and offer a thanksgiving feast and create happy moments. You can also check Eledumare platforms for free prayers.

“When we say Eledumare, we mean the God Almighty. The Soul maker and taker; the holy of holies, the Lord of Diversity and the ruler of the universe. Different cultures have different names for Him and you are free to reference your cultural name. 

“When Jesus Christ was alive, he worshipped Eledumare, and never worshipped idols, stones, woods or human beings. Jesus submitted his soul to Eledumare. A good Christian should behave like Jesus Christ by worshiping Eledumare, the Lord God Almighty.

“On December 25 nights, they should hold a short night vigil prayer for the repose of the soul of their ancestors. You too, will one day be celebrated as an ancestor. Do not abandon your ancestors. Whoever abandons his or her ancestors can never grow spiritually. There are certain things you should know for your spiritual stability.

“Eledumare is the Lord of diversity. He created everything in diversity including human beings; therefore, you need to respect diversity for spiritual stability and free yourself from stories of men and imposed bondages. He is the owner of your soul and that soul lives in your heart which supports your head and other parts of your body. You need to offer Thanksgiving to Him for keeping you alive and ask Him to enrich your soul.”

He said whoever disregards his roots will hardly progress.