Chibok Girls @10: ‘A reminder of atrocities by violent extremist groups’

The Truth Alliance has said the 10th anniversary of the Chibok Girls is a reminder of atrocities being committed by violent extremist groups in the country.

A statement signed on Sunday by Ahmed Mustapha in Abuja charged the government to ensure that the tragedy never happens again.

“On this solemn 10th anniversary, we stand together to remind the authorities and all relevant stakeholders that the abduction of the Chibok girls remains a poignant chapter in our national history—a stark reminder of the atrocities committed by violent extremist groups. 

“It serves as a solemn call to action to ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated.

“Beyond the Chibok girls themselves, we recognize that there are “Chibok Girls” in every community—girl-children who, against all odds, strive to pursue education and a better future. 

“Their resilience embodies the spirit of hope amidst adversity, and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard their right to education and security.

“We invite all Nigerians to join our campaign and stand against the suffering inflicted by violent extremist groups. Together, we can save lives, protect our communities, and uphold the values of peace, tolerance, and unity”, the statement said in part.

The Truth Alliance is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind violent extremist groups and empowering communities to resist tyranny and violence. 

Through education, outreach, and collaborative efforts, it strives to create a safer and more resilient society for all Nigerians.