Chelsea, others rattled as UEFA announces FFP changes

UEFA have confirmed a new rule which will prevent clubs from signing players to deals of more than five years to get around Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

Chelsea were famously able to spend over £600m in the first two transfer windows under Todd Boehly, getting around FFP rules by signing players to contracts of seven or eight years.

This allowed them to spread transfer fees over a longer period through a process known as amortisation – ultimately lowering the amount of expenditure that appeared in their accounts each year.

While the practice was within the bounds of FFP rules, it didn’t go down well with the west London club’s rivals.

From July 1, however, clubs will be forced to pay transfer fees within five years of the deal being completed, meaning that the advantage obtained by offering longer contracts will no longer exist.

Contracts signed previously, though, will not be impacted by the changes, meaning that Chelsea won’t be penalised for prior deals.