Centre is the point of hypocrisy

Man is free to make a choice and or take a decision to the extent that they do not hurt themselves as to hurt oneself is to hurt another. This is especially so given that humanity is concerned about everything human, including how man treats themselves. In more legible terms, freedom itself is limited. It starts from where the needs of man begins and ends where that of another man begins. Therefore, even as man is free to live, they must let live. And to let live is to live – for, the life of every man is equal to that of every other man.

Thus, a place where there are no limits to freedom can best be described as jungle. Jungle is where there are no laws. It is where everything is free for everyone and everyone is free for everything. And in a life which it’s purpose is to serve God, everything cannot be free for everyone and everyone cannot be free for everything. God created man, a higher animal, with sense of reasoning to be different from lower animals that have no sense of reasoning.

He created man and every other living being in two forms – feminine and masculine so that both will find peace and comfort in each other and reproduce in such a manner that in His favors, every of his creations will multiply in number. And beneath the peace and comfort lay some form of attractions between them – they both have a specific desire for each other.

To further establish this point, even in elementary electrical physics, Coulomb’s inverse-square law which is an experiment that quantifies the amount of force between two electrically charged particles states that like charges repel but unlike charges attract. Though this depends on certain conditions, it meanwhile goes on to confirm that except under abnormal conditions, there is nothing attractive between two same things or people. Man cannot be attracted by man and woman cannot be attracted by woman.

But if that happens, then a case of psychological disorder is established. And religiously, LGBTQ are prohibited and therefore punishable because of their social and medical negative consequences. They present a clear danger to the continuous existence of the highly intelligent primates called homo sapiens. Common sense therefore, should tell that anything that is inimical to the well-being of man, they should stay away from it.

More so, man should clearly stand against it as there is no reason to contemplate protecting self from what is both heavenly prohibited and earthly mortally dangerous to the entire human species. But either as a case of a disobedient child or that of failed parenthood, some supposedly intelligent primates have taken the centre position; the point of hypocrisy. For them, freedom has no limits and as such, anyone is free to choose between being straight and one of the LGBTQs.

And as if to prove that they are merely being hypocritical in the truest meaning of the word, they have appointed themselves as the spokespersons of the LGBTQs and therefore their protectors. But with this, they are far from being the centrists they claim they are. Rather, in effect, they are with the LGBTQs. They are sympathetic and protective to them.

Mukhtar Jarmajo,
Damaturu, Yobe state

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