Celebrating Ibrahim Yusuf’s brilliant services

Alhaji Ibrahim Yusuf needs no introduction in the public service. Since he started his career, Ibrahim Yusuf has proved to be an exceptional civil servant with great repute. His brilliant stint at the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, IPPIS section, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and now Budget On, Ibrahim Yusuf has become a topic of discussion in public service.

Ibrahim Yusuf, a professional accountant and throughbred public servant, has carved a niche for himself through hardwork and dedication to duty.
Throughout his service from assistant director, deputy director and now director, Yusuf was never been found wanting in the discharge of his duties. He is always equal to any assigned responsibilities. His performances in IPPIS section saved billions of naira to the government and eliminated the menace of ghost workers syndrome which attracted commendation from the Office of Head of the Civil Service of the Federation. Ibrahim Yusuf has built reputation for himself and the service which many believe is at its lowest ebb.

Besides being a super and accomplished bureaucrat, Yusuf is a philanthropist who assists the needy and vulnerable. Katsina state where he hails from is a testimony of his magnanimity and philanthropist gestures. He has been giving scholarship to many downtrodden and empowering them economically. His house is a Mecca of sorts with people trooping in whenever he is at home. No wonder, Ibrahim Yusuf is loved by all both in his office and in his home town. He is resilient and accommodative.

Ibrahim Yusuf, who is the most senior and educated officer in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, is being tipped as the next accountant general of the federation. The tenure of the present accountant general, Ibrahim Idris, has elapsed. Barring any change in the permutation, Ibrahim Yusuf, who is armed with requisite educational qualifications and extensive working experience spanning over a decade, will fit into the position. The Office of Accountant General of the Federation, which deals with receipt and payment of government’s revenue and expenditures, needs experienced financial experts. Here comes Ibrahim Yusuf.

If Ibrahim Yusuf is opportuned to be appointed as the next accountant general of the federation, he will bring his relevant experience to bear in transforming the Treasury House. I think President Muhammadu Buhari should consider and appoint Ibrahim Yusuf for this office. The Treasury House will surely tap from the reservoir of his knowledge and working experience.

Ibrahim Mustapha Pambegua and Yusuf Mu’azu Isa Funtua

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