Call for Military intelligence restructuring plot to undermine Nigeria’s security architecture – CSO

A Civil Society Organisation (CSO), Conference of Civil Society for Peace, Security and National Development (CCSPSND), has described calls emanating from certain quarters insinuating that Nigeria’s insecurity was a product of failed intelligence as uncharitable and a plot to undermine the gallant and selfless efforts of men and officers of the nation’s security community.

In a press release jointly signed by Dr. Adamu Muhammad and Hon. Mike Msuaan and made available to Journalists in Abuja, the CSO wondered why anybody will want to cash out on the tragedy that occurred in Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State where men of the Nigeria Army, Police and other civilians lost their lives, adding that “this is not the time to exploit national tragedies for political gains.

“We are pained to discover that instead of sympathizing and empathising with the Nigerian Army, the Police and the families that lost their loved ones in recent times, members of the opposition have chosen to show their insensitivity to the victims and the government of Nigeria by pointing accusing fingers at others instead of teaming with the government to curb the country of criminals.”

The CSO further said, “Nigeria is the only country we have and efforts must be made by all Nigerians to ensure that the country is free from criminal elements who have become willing tools in the hands of the country’s enemies adding that intelligence gathering and security coordination are jobs for all citizens

“To single out security agencies and their intelligence gathering to blame for the isolated acts of insecurity in the country is unacceptable. Security is everybody’s duty and we must report all bad eggs in our midst and synergize with relevant security agencies and stakeholders to put an and to insecurity in the country.

“Instead of calling for the sack of the head’s of security agencies in Nigeria because of noticed security lapses, the CSO urged Nigerians to stand firm behind their leaders and representatives and supply credible intelligence that will lead to the apprehension of terrorists and bandits amongst our midst.

“Lets unite and support our security agencies to win the war against bandits, terrorists and other criminals. It is not enough to call on the government to come to our aid or blame the government for failing to prevent the occurrence of these attacks, we must act patriotically to expose the bad elements in our midst.”

The CSO insisted that “as the 2023 elections draw near, many desperate politicians will begin to recruit thugs and arm them with the aim of disrupting peaceful pools only to turn back and blame the government for failing to protect the citizens and secure the country.

“We call on security agencies and institutions to continue to intensify efforts in securing the country instead of listening to failed politicians who would like to deceive Nigerians into believing that the country is not safe so as to exploit the situation to their advantage. Nigerian security agents are doing their best and must be commended.

“We therefore call on Mr president to disregard such unpatriotic calls and continue to provide and support the Nigerian military even more. Such calls are from sponsors of insecurity who have seen the resolve of Mr president and the security agencies firm. We are convinced that by sponsoring media attacks on military intelligence units, the enemies of Nigeria must have felt the heat of the resolve of the security agencies. In recent times, many BokoHaram and bandits leaders and fighters have been eliminated while many others have suffered to the Nigerian military. Several camps of the insurgents have been destroyed and Ammunition captured.

“These media attacks are targeted had killing the morale of the Nigerian security agencies. Nigerians must rise in unison in support of the security agencies who have devoted their time and some times pay the Supreme price to safe guard the country.”