‘Bullying, assault’: Abuja’s British school shuts down

Lead British International School in Abuja has been shut down for three days following a viral video depicting a disturbing incident of bullying within the school premises

The announcement was made during a press briefing attended by concerned parents on Tuesday at the school premises.

The decision to temporarily shut down the school comes in the wake of public outrage sparked by the circulating videos, which captured a female student being subjected to physical and emotional abuse by her peers.

The disturbing footage depicted the victim being repeatedly slapped by another female student in what appeared to be an interrogation session.

The incident prompted widespread condemnation and calls for swift action to address the issue of bullying within the school community.

Abraham Ogunkambi, the Head of Lead British International School, issued a statement on Tuesday, in response to the incident.

He stated the school’s disapproval of the incident and confirmed the launch of an investigation into the matter.

“The school management is treating this matter with the utmost seriousness,” Ogunkambi asserted.

He added that the school has already been in contact with the victim and her parents, offering support and counseling services to help them manage the emotional and psychological effects of the incident.