Buharinomics and the masses

We are forcibly made to believe that Nigerians ‘must’ suffer for the country to regain its shape. We must afford fuel, education, and health services devoid of subsidies. We must go to farm even when the fertiliser is no longer affordable. This is not to mention the exposure we may have with armed bandits, kidnappers while at the farm.

The economic theory called Buharinomics uses the masses as specimens and or punching bags while the elite/politicians live in wanton luxury. The theory is a mockery of senses, to say the least. It’s charlatanism by every measure.

As you may expect, many politicians are, shall we say, pretty enjoying this theory to the fullest. They will come to a television show telling us stories of how the price of crude oil crashes in the market, economic recession, $ to N exchange rate, etcetera. Meanwhile, that does not stop them from making fortunes at the expense of the taxpayers.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me… Could Nigeria really fall for another vaudeville charlatan all over again?

Muhammad Shuaibu Musa,
Misau local government area,
Bauchi state