Breaking: Labour wins UK election as Starmer unseats Sunak

Labour has officially reached 326 seats and will form the next government with Keir Starmer as Prime Minister.

In the election, Labour reached 300 seats as 416 constituency results have been declared, securing 37.4% share of the vote.

The Conservatives have 58 seats and a 21.2% vote share.

The Liberal Democrats have won in 37 constituencies with 10.6% of the overall vote, while Reform UK have 14.9% of the vote, translating to success in four seats.

The SNP has four seats and Plaid Cymru is on four.

The Green Party has 6.9% of the votes and one seat.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has held off the Lib Dems to hold Godalming and Ash for the Conservatives.

Eight Cabinet ministers have now lost their seats in the General Election, beating the previous record of seven Cabinet ministerial defeats in 1997.

Science Secretary Michelle Donelan has become the latest to face defeat after losing her Melksham and Devizes constituency to the Lib Dems.

Already, outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has conceded defeat.