Borno set aside funds to resuscitate artifacts, cultural centers

Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state has reiterated his determination and commitment to promote and sustain  cultural  and traditional values and  norms of Borno state across all the 27 LGAs of the state disclosing that funds have been set aside to reactivate and resuscitate  all the cultural artifacts and centers in the  27 LGAs destroyed during the insurgency in the past 15 years of the crisis.

He also assured that his government is ever willing to partner with all the collaborators, humanitarian and development partners for the restoration of peace and security in the state in the  state government 10 years transformation strategic development Nolan.

He also commended the organizers of the conference and resources persons doing a good job and putting more efforts to preserve and sustain the cultural values and  heritage  of the  state and region at large  that was manifested by the activities that took place few days ago during the Kanuri Global summit.

He assured that the outcome of the international conference will surely add value and make impact on the cultural heritage of the state and even attract other avenues towards  sustaining the rich culture and values of our tradition in  diversity cut across the state where every ethnic group has its own cultures and traditions.

The Chairman of the occasion, Ambassador Dr. Zanna Hassan Boguma, who is also the Zanna Boguma of Borno urged academic, leaders and other stakeholders to protect, preserve and promote our cultures, traditions and bones as foundation o f  human life.