Blaq Diamond offers 50% discount to fashionistas, celebrates anniversary

Blaq Diamond Fashion Store, a one-stop shop fashion house incorporating a departmental store, salon, Lawyers Pack, a logistics company, and an online legal service will on August 4 roll out the drums to celebrate its three years of catering to women fashion, home and abroad.

Konye Ishie, the beautiful fashionista and founder of the Lekki, Lagos, fashion house, said since its entrance into the Nigerian market three years ago, Blaq Diamond has recorded significant milestones across all aspects of its business.

“We’re focused on delivering exceptional services and style to our fellow fashionistas,” she said.

According to her, Blaq Diamond, from start to finish, is dedicated to providing a shopping experience that is second to none. That commitment is obvious in its uncompromised brand quality, affordable prices, top-notch customer service, member loyalty program, and special finishing touches.

Speaking on the anniversary, Ishie, a trained lawyer, revealed her excitement on Blaq Diamond growth so far, attributing the successes to its unique clothing lines and 100 percent customer service. As pocket-friendly as they come, they clothing lines are no such you see on every Dick and Harry—10 pieces maximum, of each brand, not just in Nigeria but in the whole world, she claimed. 

And Ishie has ensured Black Diamond maintains that uniqueness over the years, as competitive as the quick-service fashion industry is in Nigeria.“As part of the celebration, we’re offering up to 50% discount on purchases made within this period,” she said as she appreciated her clients in Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, and Australia. 

Ishie’s vision for the business is loftier, as anybody can see in its motto: At Blaq Diamond, we live and breathe fashion.A part of its expansion is the e-commerce platform .

 The innovation, an online version of all things Blaq Diamond, was an offshoot of the Covid-19 spread and its social distancing challenges. With the logistics department, Blaq Diamonds can now serve its online customers better, especially those in Lagos.

“Not only have we grown to become a one-stop shop departmental store, we have also evolved enough in the last three years to become a leading house of fashion,” she said.

Blaq Diamond has now expanded into becoming a one stop departmental store, featuring high end brands as DENIM, ADIDAS, BODY SHOP, VICTORIA SECRET, ZARA, EUROPEAN & US BRANDS including the BLAQ CORNER specially made for outfits in black colourIts salon operates along with the Warri branch, and it will open a new outlet soon in Abuja. Black Diamond is already registered in the UK.

A Delta State University law graduate with a Masters in international law from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Ishie is not putting his legal training to sleep. She has set up the Online Lawyer to offer legal services to Blaq Diamond’s clients and the masses.

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