BlackLovePage to have a million social media followers by 2021 – Francoise Merus

BlackLovePage, a social media community continues to be vibrant in its activities, regardless of the devastation of lives and businesses by the Coronavirus pandemic and the founder, Francoise Merus, an African-American of Haitian descent, predicts a growth of 500 hundred thousand followers by next year.

Francoise Merus created the community called three years and presently boasts over half a million followers on Instagram. It's a cultural website celebrating black excellence and black love.

While the pandemic has crippled many businesses BlackLovePage remains afloat by thinking out of the box. And some of the ingenious ways it has remained so is by inventing new ways of engaging her audience and offering new services.

According to the founder, “Due to the current times that we are in I've learned new ways to make streams of income and I help others also.  I've pioneered virtual speed dating world wide and I am hosting many sessions where single people can sign up to do virtual speed dating (Meet up to 10 singles) through video chatting. Other ways I have kept income coming is through my social media management and coaching as well as print on demand.”

Explaining what it all entails, she said, “ Print on demand is how I am managing my online store at As a social media coach I utilize my knowledge with social media, access to my followers on Black Love Page (over half a million followers) and Today's Insight (trending to hit 50k followers soon)  and other personal relationships that I have in order to successfully accomplish my client's goals. We are trending to have a million social media followed by 2021.”

Francoise Merus has done promotions for Essence and Roc Nation in the past and she has also helped small and big businesses promote their events/ services to her audience because her BlackLovePage is followed by a lot of major celebrities on social media.

She's presently managing the social media for the Kodjoe Family Foundation which is owned by actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. She's helping them to spread the awareness about wearing masks and how we can all do our part during this pandemic.

Francoise Merus grew up in Haiti as a child, then moved to Miami, Florida  where she finished high school, then went to Barry University, also in , Florida where she studied public relations 

Francoise is also a world traveler, helping others to travel the world at affordable rates through a platform she created called She's a  full time entrepreneur.

Her first book, “Today's Insight: A Collection of Poems Volume 1 was published in 2015. In 2016 she published the Volume 2 of the book. In 2017, she published a self help book titled “My Season” and then her fourth book in 2019 titled “Protect Your Peace”. She writes about romance, urban fiction, and a lot of poetry and everything uplifting. She was born August 25, 1990.

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