Bills on South West, North Central development commissions scale second reading in Senate

The Senate Wednesday , passed for second reading , bills seeking for establishment of
the South West Development Commission ( SWDC) and North Central Development Commission ( NCDC) .

Concurrent passage for South East Development Commission Bill ( SEDC) , however suffered set back in Senate as it was deferred to another legislative day.

The South West and North Central Development Commission Bills , were passed for second reading after lead debates presentations on them by Senators Gbenga Daniel ( APC Ogun East) and Abba Moro ( PDP Benue South) .

Senator Gbenga Daniel in his lead debate for the South West Development Commission Bill , said the commission would be charged with responsibilities
among others , to receive and manage funds from allocation of the Federation Account, including donations and gifts, for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructural damages suffered by the region and to tackle ecological, environmental and other developmental challenges and for related matters, 2024 .

Senator Abba Moro in his own presentation , said the proposed North Central Development Commission , will serve as a catalyst to develop the arrays of potentials of the North Central as well as address the gap in infrastructural development of the region and for related matters.

However the bill for the establishment of the South East Development Commission which was to be concurred to, by the Senate , having been passed by the House of Representatives , was refered to another legislative day for second reading due to non availability of full reports on it for clause by clause consideration by Senators .