Berbiedoll, Josh2Funny unveiled as Glover’s brand ambassadors

Nigerian model, style, brand influencer and entrepreneur, known as Berbiedoll, born Christiana Kayode and comedian, Josh Alfred better known as Josh2Funny have joined the Glover family, an affiliate of Patricia. The two new ambassadors join a horde of others who are on the bill of the company as ambassadors.

Glover took influencer marketing to a whole new level, with the previous signing of stars like Kie-Kie, Diiadem, Isbae_U, Black Camaru, and ex-Big Brother Housemates, Nengi and Cee_C. Signing of Berbiedoll and Josh2Funny only affirms the company’s belief in influencer marketting that is undoubtedly putting the new company on a pedestal of greatness.

Of course, the profile of the two new family members of Glover brand must have played a crucial role in their selection.

Berbiedoll who is Chief Executive Officer of Berbie Beauty Line has worked with brands like Etisalat, Highlystylish, Glo, Fabboutiique, Hairres , Cm Luxury Hair, Girly Closette, to mention a few.

She also had a brief stint as a video model and appeared in music videos like “Woju” by Kizz Daniel and “Like a Party” by Burna Boy. She did a couple of funny video skits too with Sydney Talker and Nasty Blaq.

She even at one time had her own TV show on DSTV channel 189 “Pop Central” known as “Chef Corner” with Chef Bee and Chef Jazzy.

Josh2Funny on the other hand has an interesting story of triumph in the comedy space. He began his online comedy journey after failing in his stand-up comedy foray. Inspired by the vast consumption of social media comedy content, Josh2funny made his first skit in 2016—a short dry humour video in which he comically slapped his friend into a state of perpetual confusion.

Since then, Josh2funny has evolved his brand of comedy with the creation of multiple characters. Mama Felicia, his first character, is a depiction of a traditional Igbo woman. This stems from the environment the Anambra-born comedian grew up in. The audition series, a re-enactment of talent show auditions, which has spawned various characters, mirrors the relentless Nigerian quest for fame. Juga, another one of his many characters, is a loafer who always tries to associate with famous people—a rife trait among Nigerians. In local lingo, it is called “famzing.” Brother Zakius is a pastor whose comical renditions of pop songs and effervescent display during mock interviews reminds Nigerians of early 2000’s culture.

Glover is a lifestyle tech-inspired company on a mission to take charge and provide instant payment solutions to Giftcards buy and sell, Refill services (Bill payments, data, and cable TV subscriptions), and Airtime-to-Cash conversion.

Glover is responsible for providing value to the day-to-day operations of Giftcards, Airtime-to-Cash, and Top-up services, which consist of utility bill payments, subscriptions, etc.

Glover launched her services on the 19th of March 2021 and is home to products and services that cater to the everyday needs of her customers.

Glover’s sole innovation goal is to give value for exchange and introduce new solutions geared towards making customers’ lives all over the world easier